Service Overview

UIPLAY developers of highly flexible, cutting edge solutions in the mobile and web based applications arena, Policy Management, Mobile Payment Collects, Stock Management, Funeral Management, Mobile Apps, Facebook & Social Media Integration, Member Management & Database Management, Content Management Systems, Custom Online Software & Online Branding. Be Sure to give your company the edge in your market with a solution from UIPLAY.

UIPLAY Turnkey Software Products.

PolicyNET Overview

  • Enterprise Insurance Membership & Receipting Platform where all Payments in one place.
  • This multi-insurer platform allows brokers and parlours to collect funeral or legal insurance permiums and get a clear revenue picture of their business.
  • Streamline brokers administrative processes, both insurance and funeral management.
  • Automated Claim Management.
  • Whatsapp Communication.

CareNET Overview

Health & Medical Insurance Administration Platform offering:

  • Member onboarding
  • Group & Member Management
  • Communication platform to SMS, Whatsapp and Email members
  • Collections
  • Pre-Authorization

FuneralNET Overview

FuneralNET & DovesNET provides world class funeral management software.

The software is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and offers:

  • Procurement
  • E-Mortuary
  • Funeral Event Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

CallNET Overview

All our systems intergate into CallNET.

CallNET is the call centre management software that synchronize member calls into the particular system.

Voice recordings are stored in the respective member document library to assist with compliance checks.

CallNET offers inbound and outbound technology

ICSANET Overview

Virtual Academy Overview


SAMS Overview

SAMS abbreviation for Safety Asset Management System is a cloud based asset management program for all types of security equipment such as lifejackets, clothing and PPE equipment used during COVID.

Safety equipment must be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure proper function.

SAMS includes:

  • Monitoring of service and expiry dates
  • Certification of safety equipment
  • Renewal and warning notifications

UnionWorks Overview

  • Membership Software for Labour Unions
  • SMS and Email Communication Platform to Members
  • Calculate fees in Payment Deduction Schedules and E-Filing to Employers
  • Staff augmentation
  • Whatsapp Communication

Device Overview

Point of Sales Devices are integrated into the system, allowing agents Real Time Access in the field. Creating accesibility and efficiency anywhere.

The current POS Device models are:

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